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"Will you take a picture of me in this red phone booth?"

"Will you take a picture of me in this red phone booth?"

Having been here for 3 and a half weeks, we realized that we hadn't yet gone to see Big Ben or Parliament in person! So one morning we popped on the tube to explore some of the iconic figures of London. Right when you walk out of the Westminster station you are greeted with the big guy himself! A little bit of trivia for ya... it's actually the bell inside the tower which is called "Big Ben", not the entire structure. 

Peeking into Westminster 

Peeking into Westminster 

Some ominous clouds appeared out of nowhere, but quickly passed by in true England form.


We paused to take in Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately we didn't have time to wait in the VERY LONG queue to see the inside. 


Across from the stunning church we spotted a familiar face! Hey there Lincoln! 

Lincoln in London

Lincoln in London

Churchill has the best view of all!


No one can leave London without taking a picture in a red phone booth!


We unknowingly walked right into the changing of the guards. This younger group on horseback surprised us as they proceeded to Buckingham Palace.


Well we had to follow them!

Pausing in Green Park

Pausing in Green Park

One evening our new friend Emmett invited us to relax in Notting Hill Garden. 


The private garden is nestled among the posh neighborhood and is only accessible with a key! Thanks again Emmett! 


Chloe seemed to really enjoy the fresh air.


*sigh* isn't Notting Hill just the dreamiest? We even had a celebrity sighting on our way there!

So I've mentioned my Shakespeare class that I'm currently taking, and a few days ago we took a field trip to Stratford-upon-Avon to see the birthplace of William Shakespeare himself! Fun souvenir shops line this street where you can purchase just about anything with the bard's face on it.

Looking down the main street

Looking down the main street


Here it is! William Shakespeare's birthplace! His father was a successful glover, and dedicated half of this house to his craft. Young schoolchildren who have become inspired by his work attached their own poetry to the fence out front. 

Stratford's Town Hall

Stratford's Town Hall

We walked on through the cemetery of the Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was baptized and buried. 

exterior of the church

exterior of the church

interior of the church

interior of the church

Shakespeare is buried alongside his wife, Anne Hathaway.


A funerary monument has also been dedicated to the bard on the side of the wall. 


One last look of the beautiful church.


We stopped for a bite outside on that very warm evening...


Then it was off to the Swan Theatre for a production of Thomas Middleton's The Roaring Girl


We had finished reading the text a few days prior. While the play is not one of Shakespeare's famous works, it is performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company which is based in Stratford. I honestly think that this was my favorite of all the productions we have seen thus far. Read the play!! You won't regret it! 

the theatre lobby

the theatre lobby


See ya Willy Shakes! Thank you for letting us visit your home! 

"Miss, please don't get in the water!"

"Miss, please don't get in the water!"

"They weren't kidding about the whole ice thing."

"They weren't kidding about the whole ice thing."

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