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"You don't even want to know what I would do for a slice of pizza right now."

"You don't even want to know what I would do for a slice of pizza right now."

The days here seem to be going by faster and faster! I've been trying to cram in as many sites as possible before I return home late next week. 

Here are some shots from a quick visit to London's Imperial War Museum.

A section of the Berlin Wall

A section of the Berlin Wall

Museum atrium

Museum atrium

British war helmets 

British war helmets 

The haunting Holocaust exhibition

The haunting Holocaust exhibition

There is so much British war history packed into one building! Having been taught about these same historical events in school my whole life, it's interesting to see how another country depicts these same events from its perspective. 

One day Chloe and I took off after a class field trip in Regent's Park. We were in desperate need for some pizza (don't pretend you don't know what that feels like)! 


Right near Tottenham Court Road is Seven Dials. And on this colorful street, you'll stumble upon Homeslice! 


Wine, pizza, and beer... that's really all you need!


Just look at this thin crusted beaut!


Chloe is a pizza pro


It certainly got my seal of approval! Comfortable atmosphere, very friendly waiters, and brick oven pizza that might just be the best I've ever had! (Sorry NY) Thanks Homeslice! 


After eating half my weight in pizza and feeling like a load (no regrets), I dragged the other Chloe down to St. Paul's the next morning to work up a sweat by climbing to the top of the dome. I always pass by the Cathedral on my way to the Globe for Shakespeare performances, but I had yet to step inside until now!


They said no photography was allowed inside the church, but a gal can't let her readers down! So I snuck a quick one of the stunning dome for ya.

Yeah, no kidding

Yeah, no kidding

376 of these steps lead us to the Stone Gallery.


This view certainly made up for all the huffing and puffing.


See the Eye in the distance?


But the fun didn't stop there! 152 of these narrow guys brought us to our final height on the dome.


That tiny circle in the glass, yeah that's the floor of the Cathedral... 85 metres below us.


This breathtaking view of London greeted us at the summit.


What goes up, must come down! Descending all 528 steps to the ground level.


That round railing with the people is the highest point that we climbed to.


What better way to knock out sightseeing than with a workout? Unfortunately the excitement was over, and we headed back to class. 

Next up, a Rock n' Roll tour of London which might include a trip to an iconic road... Stay tuned!

Only 9 more sleeps left in London!

"Eh, the cars will stop."

"Eh, the cars will stop."

"Miss, please don't get in the water!"

"Miss, please don't get in the water!"

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