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Graduation Weekend - Hofstra University

Graduation Weekend - Hofstra University

Well Class of 2015, we finally did it! I write this post still in disbelief that I am a college graduate. Having grown up just outside Atlanta, Georgia, I was initially nervous to start undergrad up in New York on Long Island. However the past four years have been exciting, fun, and challenging at times.

Many lasting friendships were made... 

We powered through countless late night dance rehearsals...


And we shared adventures that we'll remember forever...

While I hope that my four years at Hofstra University are not the "best four years of my life" (only because I've got a lot more life left to live and many more opportunities to come), I do know that they are unforgettable. I've learned so much about the world, others, and myself along the way. I will forever cherish my memories from my home away from home. 

Who would've thought that this little girl,

would graduate from college with honors?! I am proud to have a liberal arts degree in English - Publishing Studies, with two minors in History and Marketing.

Many thanks to my wonderful family who supported me along the way, and came to celebrate this great achievement with me. I could not have made it through this academic journey without them. 


I'm going to miss Hofstra's beautiful campus that I called home and the incredible people that I met immensely. Someone special to me once said, graduation isn't the end -- "it's only the beginning". So here's to the next chapter! It will be intimidating, and I'm bound to make some mistakes along the way. But I'm ready for you, adulthood. 

I have quite the adventure coming up next week, and I'm very eager to share with you here! I hope you'll follow me on my travels to Morocco and Spain with some dear friends. If you have been to either country I would love to hear suggestions! 

Thanks for reading. 

Arriving in Africa - Rabat, Morocco

Arriving in Africa - Rabat, Morocco

Cherry Blossom Festival - Washington D.C.

Cherry Blossom Festival - Washington D.C.

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