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ATV East Island Tour - Curacao

ATV East Island Tour - Curacao

Two months ago we decided to book a round trip flight to warm and sunny Curacao in the dead of winter. Genius decision. Not known to many, Curacao is part of the ABC Islands in the South Caribbean. I've been reading about this place for a couple of years, and I'm so lucky to have this gang of adventurous friends to explore with. 

Traveler Tip: JetBlue flies direct from JFK!

It can be challenging to plan a trip with a group - it's important to make sure everyone is up front about what they definitely want to do. 

Before we even left, we made a list. And Georgina threw out the fantastic idea to rent ATVs for a tour. 

Eric's ATV Adventures was amazing! Our tour guide, Jeremy, was patient with our beginner skills and laughed a little too hard at our squeals.

She's ready.

She's ready.

And we're off!

And we're off!

Our first stop is the CurAloe Plantation.

This self sustaining company harvests all of its own aloe on site, and produces a wide selection of health and skincare products for sale. We stocked up on goodies in anticipation of that strong (brutal) Caribbean sun. Check them out here if you're interested: curaloe.com

If you go with Eric's you'll receive a 20% discount on your total purchase!

We jumped back on and began the off road portion of the tour...

It felt like we had been transported to a scene from Jurassic Park. Truly stunning scenery! I was surprised to learn how arid the terrain is. 

If you look closely, you can see the mountains of neighboring Bonaire in the distance. 

Next stop: Koraal Tabak. This area is in the eastern part of the island, and is home to a drift track, caves, and this stunning rocky coastline.

The ground here is made from old lava rock and worn away coral. Tons of sea critters call these pools home. 

A short ride away, we made it to the hiking portion of our excursion.

Behold: Bat Cave


The view from the other side is the real attraction though.

I loved getting to explore the rural backroads of the island. It always feels good to break free from the hotel/resort area to see some local spots. 

Side note: Does anyone else get a horrible cramp in their thumb from holding down the gas on the ATV? Just me?

With an adventurous start, Curacao has won us over. A big thank you to Eric's ATV Adventures and Jeremy for showing us around! 

Next up, a sailing trip to paradise! Trust me, don't miss it.

Sailing Away to Paradise - Klein Curacao

Sailing Away to Paradise - Klein Curacao

Forever Friends Reunited - New York, NY

Forever Friends Reunited - New York, NY

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