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A-Frame Cabin Near Grand Canyon - Flagstaff, AZ

A-Frame Cabin Near Grand Canyon - Flagstaff, AZ

A girls trip is good for the soul - and we sure had a blast exploring the Great American West! We grabbed our ride in Phoenix and hit the road to Flagstaff.

We made a quick pit stop in Sedona on the way to take a peek at the famous red rocks.

I was so so excited to travel with these two cutie sisters, Emma and Chloe.


They brought some fun to the party and kept us all giggling.

A short while later we pulled up the long driveway to our home for two nights. This adorable A Frame is a hidden little gem on Airbnb, and was even featured on holiday shopping bags for American Eagle one year.

We were close to 7,000 feet altitude here but I think we only really felt it as we were driving up and up and our ears were popping. Luckily none of us felt any altitude sickness.


I couldn’t get enough of these colors as the sun set over the mountains.

After a grocery store trip and a double check of the heater, we settled in our cozy beds.

I so wish I could’ve shared the starry sky from this night with you. The stars just went on forever and were so bright!

Up early with the sun! It’s time to visit the Grand Canyon!

Flagstaff is about an hour and a half from the Grand Canyon, and we chose to stay here instead of closer to the park because there’s more of a downtown scene and we didn’t want to camp with temps dipping into the twenties at night. And with four gals singing along to Spotify’s ‘Roots Rising’ playlist, the drive wasn’t bad at all.

Our National Parks are wonderful, and I might have a new life goal to hit every single one. I’m so lucky that my parents passed on their love of these parks and our country’s stunning landscape to us. Thanks Mom and Dad! My annual pass is getting some good use!

I hadn’t been here since I was 17 on a cross country road trip, so it was exciting to take in this impressive place again. We started at the Bright Angel trail in the morning to warm up.

I mean… it’s America’s English muffin out here with all these nooks and crannies.

After a quick bite back at the park’s cafeteria, we headed out to the South Kaibab trail in the afternoon. We all agreed that this one was much more fun.

My beautiful sister looking like she stepped out of an Athleta catalogue!


Let me tell you though, some of these hikes were a test of my fear of heights. But the wobbly knees weren’t so bad when we got to ham it up for the camera.

Okay okay this was great, but let’s check out the sunset:

This was at Lipan Point on the South Rim. We heard a tip that this was the spot to be around sunset and it didn’t disappoint.

And that’s a wrap on our first day! We headed back into Flagstaff and Emma led us to some live, local music where we pretended to be hip and fit in. Zigtebra, you have fans in NYC and Charlotte now!

Endless thanks to Jordan for taking the lead on driving. Us NYers found it hard to believe that she actually drives in a car every single day! :)

I don’t think I’ve actually pumped gas in a year.

We had just one more night in our A-Frame before packing up and hitting the road for our next stop. Don’t miss it!

Grand Canyon to Zion National Park - Upper Antelope Canyon, AZ

Grand Canyon to Zion National Park - Upper Antelope Canyon, AZ

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