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Date Shakes and Wind Farms - Coachella Valley, CA

Date Shakes and Wind Farms - Coachella Valley, CA

Palm Springs is known for its mid-century homes, and ours was certainly no exception. 

We found this beauty on Airbnb and had the hardest time saying goodbye. 

Three bedrooms with KING size beds, a pool, and a game garage. Can I stay forever?


For just about every minute of daylight while at the house, we were outside. On the day it reached 89 degrees, we made the pool a priority.


And sunsets here are perfection. The skies filled with cotton candy as the sun dipped over the mountains. 

Now on to more adventures! Dad's one ask on this trip was to visit a date farm. He did his research and found one of the originals in the Coachella Valley: Shields Date Gardens.

This place has been operating since 1924, and they've created hybrid "blonde" and "brunette" dates - only grown here! The family also created date crystals which are used for baking and mixed into milkshakes.

For $5 they let you wander the gardens and see the date trees (and other produce) up close.

Back inside we had to try one of their special date shakes!

Apprehensive at first, but definitely left a date shake fan. They're sweet, but not overly so. And the texture isn't as weird as you'd expect. 

Around the corner is the Empire Polo Club, and home to the Coachella Music Festival. Couldn't resist a good run on one of the empty fields before this place is packed with young rich kids, bloggers, and celebrities. 

Another little adventure was our morning taking a tour of the windmill farms of Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Windmill Tours claims to be the only company that can get you behind the fence and up close to these machines. 

You spend the first 30 minutes sitting in the little office hearing more than you'll ever need to know about the windmills, but then they load you on the bus and off you go. 


This farm in the San Gorgonio Mountain Pass contains over 4,000 windmills. They could generate enough energy to power all of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. We learned that a portion of the energy collected here is sent westward to help power LA.

This one is about 150 feet tall, with blades half the length of a football field. As energy is generated, it's stored in giant batteries to then be used in homes and businesses. We don't see them running nonstop because there isn't enough battery space to store the full potential energy. I'm hopeful that resources will continue to be invested in these important alternative energies! Just think of the cost savings on your electric bill, people. 

This was a really neat experience after having seen so many of these when we first drove into town. The tour is a bit pricey, but you learn a lot. And it includes a free date shake, so win win! 

I have a bit more to share including a magical cactus garden that you do not want to miss. Trust me. 

Sunset at the Cholla Cactus Garden - Joshua Tree, CA

Sunset at the Cholla Cactus Garden - Joshua Tree, CA

Thawing Out in the Desert - Palm Springs, CA

Thawing Out in the Desert - Palm Springs, CA

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