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One Night on a Lemon Farm - Sorrento, Italy

One Night on a Lemon Farm - Sorrento, Italy

For the past few years I've had a dream of living on a farm. I know it's a ton of work and you can't really travel anywhere, but man I just really want to harvest some veggies and have lots of animals. Because living in New York isn't ideal for this kind of lifestyle, it was a treat to stay on this beautiful lemon farm tucked up in Sorrento.

Major props to Tess for finding this gem on Airbnb. Check out these views of mighty Vesuvius!

Our very kind host gave us a tour and explained that the lemons and oranges are harvested and carted away to be used as produce, in candies, and in whatever other citrus-flavored goodies are made in the area.

They also had kittens, so I was in heaven.

We were only a 20 minute walk into town, and the stroll let us see more of the local neighborhood. 

Then it's just a straight shot right down to the water. 

There's this giant wall of rock surrounding the city, so it's a steep trek down to the sand. We chose to take the stairs cause the lift cost some euros and looked a bit rickety. Plus, we didn't want to miss the view!

It didn't take much to convince us to take a boat ride along the coast for a few hours! We met our skipper at the dock and hit the seas along with some new Irish friends.

Italy's coast with the most!

Captain, drop that anchor!

The water felt perfectly cool and was super salty. Makes for perfect floating conditions.

This adventure was much too short, but was easily one of the highlights of the trip!

Sad to head back, but we had some pasta to eat! Meandering through the narrow streets, picking up souvenirs along the way, we made it back down to the water in time for a sunset meal.

Can we get a close up of that gnocchi? Perfect.

Our host once again proved how wonderful he is by recommending Trattoria da Emilia. I ordered the 'gnocchi di mamma' and filled myself with these little pillows of dough.

As we rubbed our food babies and finished off the wine, we sat around to take it all in.

Just about everyone was outside on this evening, living that sweet Italian summer. 

Up next: the cliffside village and summer destination, Positano. 

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