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Island Hopping - Hydra, Greece

Island Hopping - Hydra, Greece

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Spetses, but we weren’t too upset knowing that we were moving on to another stunning Greek island. While waiting for our ferry, I scarfed down a ham and cheese sandwich because that’s a perfectly good breakfast they serve in Greece.


From the ferry to a water taxi, we made it to our new little village! This is Kamini on the island of Hydra. (I quickly learned this is pronounced ee-dra.)

For the next few days, we had a cute beach house to ourselves with a stunning view!

This house was only a 2 minute walk to the beach, so we quickly grabbed the essentials and claimed our sun beds.

We knew we had a full day of sun the next day, so we came back to clean up and check out the town for dinner.

We had a 20 minute walk down and up some crazy stone steps, but the sunset and fun company made it go by pretty quickly.

The main town area is full of little shops, fishermen, and stray cats. But you’ll find this is the case on pretty much every Greek island.

Oh, and of course… donkeys! Or mules? I’m not quite sure how to easily spot the difference. But I watched a ferry unload a shipment from the closest Ikea in Athens. The crew loads up these bad boys and they deliver straight to the house! Eat your heart out, Amazon Prime.

Needless to say, after a lot of shopping and animal watching, we worked up a serious appetite. To say we feasted at this dinner is an understatement and it was one of the best dinners I think I’ve had.

Side note: clearly my hat protection is paying off because my face in this photo is WHITE compared to the rest of my body. Your face ages first, people! UVA/UVB rays can’t touch me :)


And good thing we loaded up on fresh salads, humuus and pita, pizza, pasta, gelato… OK I’m just hungry. Because we had a full boat day to enjoy!

Our house is the second one in from the very bottom right!

We joined a few other groups for a day out at sea. We were all prepared for the sun, but some of us weren’t prepared for the motion sickness..

You’re a CHAMP, Chloe!

The captain entertained us with a few tales of the history of the island, which ended up being a little more dark and depressing than we were hoping for on this light-hearted day. But then we anchored in a few spots around the island and were allowed to jump out and snorkel around.

RIP to my beloved Hofstra hat which blew off my head and to the bottom of the Mediterranean when we moved to our next swimming spot. It’s been through a lot of trips and certainly went out in style!

I think this spot was my favorite.

Look at these 3 cuties!!

I’ve said it once on here and I’ll say it again: every good trip needs a boat day! I had the best day giggling, swimming, and eating kebabs with this crew.

We made it back to enjoy a bottle of wine and another one of these killer sunsets. Island life is truly something special.

I’ve got one more post coming up, and this time it’s an adventure on the main land. You won’t want to miss it!

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